Air-operated diaphragm pump | 2 Inch | E2PP7X7S9A-F

Category: Diaphragm pump
  • Self-priming air-operated diaphragm pump (dry)
  • Connection size: 2 Inch
  • Flow rate: 670 Litres per minute
  • Delivery pressure: max. 7,0 bar
  • Housing material: Polypropylene
  • Diaphragm material: FDA Hytrel Thermo-Matic
  • Solids size: 6,3 mm
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  • 1 pc(s). item(s) ready for immediate dispatch
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Part number E2PP7X7S9A-F, the air operated double diaphragm pump from Versamatic's Elima-Matic series offers outstanding performance and versatility for demanding pumping applications. With an impressive flow rate of 670 litres per minute and a connection size of 2 inches (50.8 mm), this pump meets the requirements of a wide range of applications.

The wetted polypropylene casing ensures excellent resistance to various media. Although the pump is not FDA-compliant, the diaphragm material, FDA Hytrel Thermo-Matic, enables reliable and hygienic pumping of media.

The pump is designed without explosion protection in accordance with ATEX directives and has a universal ANSI/DIN flange connection type, which enables easy integration into various systems.

With a maximum delivery pressure of 7.0 bar and a maximum operating temperature of 82 °C, this pump is ideal for a wide range of pumping conditions. The minimum operating temperature of 0 °C enables reliable operation even in colder environments.

The maximum solids size the pump can handle is 6.3 mm and it can achieve an impressive suction head of 9.8 metres in wet conditions and 4.9 metres in dry conditions. With a flow rate of 2.00 litres per stroke, the pump offers precise metering and control.

The bolted polypropylene housing allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. The air connections have a size of 1 inch NPT at the outlet and 3/8 inch NPT at the inlet. The connection sizes on the suction side and the pressure side are 2 inches each.

The materials of the non-return valve and valve seat are made of Hytrel and stainless steel, which ensures reliable sealing and durability. Overall, the E2PP7X7S9A-F double diaphragm air pump offers a first-class combination of performance, durability and versatility for demanding pumping applications in various industries.


Flow rate: 670 Litres per minute
Connection size: 2 Inch (50,8 mm)
FDA compliant: Without FDA compliance
Housing material (wetted): Polypropylene
Diaphragm Material: FDA Hytrel Thermo-Matic
Explosion protection (ATEX): Without Explosion protection (ATEX)
Connection Type: Universal ANSI/DIN Flange
Maximum delivery pressure: 7,0 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 82 °C
Minimum operating temperature: 0 °C
Maximum solids size: 6,3 mm
Suction lift (wet): 9,8 Meter
Suction lift (dry): 4,9 metres
Displacement per Stroke: 2,00 litres
Housing design: Bolted
Housing material (non-wetted): Polypropylene
Air connection output: 1 Inch NPT
Air connection input: 3/8 Inch NPT
Port size (suction side): 2 Inch
Port size (pressure side): 2 Inch
Check valve material: Hytrel
Seats material: Stainless Steel
Shipping weight: 26,00 kg
Item weight: 26,00 kg

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